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City of Duncan Emergency Management encourages all residents to participate in the Great United States ShakeOut multi-state earthquake drill on October 19th, 2023.

Earthquake Drill Scenario: At 10:19AM local time on October 19th, imagine a damaging earthquake striking your city without warning. The epicenter is determined to be about 100 miles from you. Seismologists measure the earthquake a magnitude of 6.5, making it the largest earthquake to hit the region in many years. Ground shaking from the main shock lasts for approximately 45 seconds in some areas. Aftershocks of varying intensity are felt throughout the region for several days after the main shock and cause further damage to structures already weakened by previous shaking. Tremors are felt as far away as 500 miles away from the epicenter and damage is seen in multiple states.

What to Do: At 10:19 AM local time on October 19th, imagine the above scenario has happened. Take cover in your immediate environment, as you would for an actual event, by “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”! DROP to the ground, take COVER under a sturdy object like a desk or door jamb, HOLD ON to the desk to keep it from sliding from over top of you or the door jamb to keep balance. Respond quickly! You should practice often and make a plan in advance of an emergency. You may only have seconds to protect yourself in an earthquake before strong shaking knocks you down, or something falls on you.

After the Drill: Take note of your surroundings and picture how your environment would react to a large earthquake. See if items in your environment would need to be secured in the event of an actual quake.

For further clarification or questions, please call Duncan Emergency Management at 580-251-7712.

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