Recycle Your Old Refrigerator

Targeting Energy Vampires

Duncan Power has partnered with local HVAC Contractors and Duncan Iron and Metal to provide its customers with a recycling program for refrigerators and freezers manufactured before 2001, which use two to four times the energy of newer Energy Star models. Approximately 95% of each unit collected is recycled, preventing the release of ozone-depleting and high-global warming-potential refrigerants and foam-blowing agents. Window air conditioner units can also be recycled through this program, although they are eligible for lesser rebates.


  • Recycle your refrigerator or freezer by October 15 (in time for Halloween) for a chance to win $250.
  • To qualify for the program, refrigerators/freezers must be 10 to 27 cubic feet in size and must be working and cooling at the time we pick it up.
  • Other eligibility criteria also apply. Each customer can recycle up to two units during this offer, for a maximum rebate of $100. You must own the appliance being recycled.

Turn in your old refrigerator/freezer to receive:

  • $50 per unit for single-family residential customers.
  • $50 per unit for commercial customers/no walk-in units will be taken.
  • $35 per unit for window unit air-conditioners.

Why Target Refrigerators/Freezers

  • Save Energy - After heating and air conditioning your home and heating your water, refrigerators/freezers use the most electricity in a home. Older models use two to three times more than new, energy-efficient models.
  • Save Money - When located in garages, units can work 30% harder during the summer than in an air-conditioned home. This can add as much as $200 a year to your electric bill.

Learn more with the Energy Star Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator.

Protect the Environment

95% of the material from old appliances can be recycled; we will correctly dispose of all harmful refrigerants. Duncan Power lowers its costs

The wasted power from 200 old freezers is enough to power 20 homes. To participate in this program, contact a customer service representative with DPUA at 252-0250.

For questions on other Duncan Power energy efficiency programs, call the Duncan Power Energy Conservation Analyst or visit our website.