Sentinel Program

Role of the Sentinal Program

It is recognized that a proper relationship between the Police, the Sentinel Volunteers, and the Citizens of the community is essential for effective law enforcement. The Sentinels are an incumbent part of the Police Department and wish to present a Standard of Excellence in the field by giving the public the best possible service to the community.

Statement of Philosophy

The Sentinel Program is committed to citizen participation in the expansion and enhancement of the Police Services provided to the citizens of Duncan.

This program is not designed to have Volunteers replace staff but is aimed at supplementary and complimentary roles. The Sentinel Program proposes that volunteers when afforded appropriate training, can supplement present services and be valuable members of the services delivery system of the City of Duncan Police Department.


The Sentinel Program goals are:

  • To benefit the citizens of Duncan by providing them with an enriched program of police services without additional cost to the citizens.
  • To benefit the City of Duncan Police Department by enhancing its delivery system.
  • To benefit the Police Employee by providing them with a supplemental workforce.
  • To benefit the volunteer by providing an opportunity for meaningful service to, and direct participation in, the operation of his/her Police Department.
Sentinel Volunteers


The Sentinel Program is a volunteer organization serving the Duncan Police Department. It consists of men and women over the age of 21 from all walks of life. The Sentinel members augment the services provided by the Duncan Police Department. They do not perform duties that will place them in danger. With crime becoming an ever-increasing concern for citizens, many of them want to actively help their community in some way. The Sentinel program provides this opportunity for citizens to give something back to the community, and it also assists the Department in providing services that the citizens of Duncan have come to appreciate from its Police Department, such a funeral escorts, residence checks, and public assists. Other areas in which they can work are, but are not limited to: training division, property and identification, the Chief's office, or patrol division.

The Sentinel program is not a stepping stone to becoming a police officer. Our best Sentinels are individuals who have secure employment and want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. The Duncan Police Department is proud of its Sentinels, and the Sentinels are proud of their Police Department.